NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
keyringsuckless keyring Christoph Polcin2021-10-05 15:55
spoonset dwm status [fork;] Christoph Polcin2020-12-30 00:49
udwmudwm - hacks and tweaks [fork;] Christoph Polcin2020-12-29 23:45
dotrcmy .rc files Christoph Polcin2020-09-30 12:19 scraperChristoph Polcin2020-09-03 22:18
xcloudsaverdisplays a fullscreen image after a period of time. Christoph Polcin2020-03-16 00:06
scriptsdirty little helpers Christoph Polcin2020-02-06 22:31
hellonativehellOnative with kotlin Christoph Polcin2020-01-22 19:32
imagepipelineimagepipeline Christoph Polcin2020-01-17 22:17
stsimple terminal [fork; git://] Christoph Polcin2020-01-12 21:24
wallpapersWallpaper Collection Found On WWW Christoph Polcin2019-12-04 12:21
svntasksvntasks for apache ant Christoph Polcin2018-06-11 11:34
gentooPersonal Gentoo Linux Overlay Christoph Polcin2018-06-07 23:37
bloghome of (powerd by acrylamid) Christoph Polcin2018-05-26 00:00
acrylamid-theme-bipolarbipolar - an acrylamid theme Christoph Polcin2018-05-25 23:59
blog-assetsassets of Christoph Polcin2018-04-21 13:34
cfgkeeperkeeps your configs in a version control system Christoph Polcin2016-02-08 00:50
bueletiBueLeTi website build with Flask Christoph Polcin2015-11-20 09:07
weckerOne Time Alarm Clock For Android(TM) Christoph Polcin2014-12-27 11:10
birdiemindsimple birthday reminder Christoph Polcin2014-12-19 07:39
TIMTIM - Tasks IMproved - vim flavored task manager Christoph Polcin2014-10-23 20:03
backupdirssimple shell script to backup various dirs at once Christoph Polcin2014-09-20 18:07
calflatepush external calendar events into a online calendar Christoph Polcin2014-01-26 13:58
radicalesyncandroid radicale sync adapter Christoph Polcin2013-06-19 19:27
muttrcmutt - account based settings Christoph Polcin2013-06-07 10:31
ssh-keyringsimple ssh-keyring Christoph Polcin2013-04-01 17:39
knechtknecht - acrylamid cms Christoph Polcin2013-03-21 11:15
libcutilsvarious utility functions for C Christoph Polcin2012-11-06 20:01
seturgenthintxorg utility to update WM urgent hint Christoph Polcin2012-09-08 00:06
hyberiusDelicious clone written in Python Christoph Polcin2012-04-09 22:43
dmenudmenu - hacks and tweaks [fork;] Christoph Polcin2011-08-21 05:07
flashdictatordead simple speech-to-text transcription helper Christoph Polcin2011-10-14 16:26
dlgrdata logger - logs floating point values Christoph Polcin2011-02-12 01:40